Hello world!

Hello internet,

Acez here.  I’ve finally decided to start a blog after all the W.I.P. logs I’ve posted around the web.  This blog is going to be about all my work in the Warhammer hobby, from my Salamanders projects, to my Orcs and Goblins, to my High Elves, Imperial Guard and soon to be new D.I.Y. Space Marine chapter, which I cannot disclose as of yet due to secrecy(you’ll just have to stay tuned).

But lets start off with a little introduction.  I’ve been a hobby enthusiast since I was a wee kid, starting 10 years ago and not having a clue as to what I was doing.  It took a really long time back then to fully grasp the hobby and it’s many techniques.  It wasn’t until I was in university that I really got the hang of things, and started to actually be “involved” in the hobby(before I just collected and butcher painted minis).  I’ve since collected 4 Space Marines army (I seem to be a junkie for the Astartes) including Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Black Templar, and my current army of Salamanders.  As mentioned, there is a new D.I.Y. chapter I’ll be working on very soon that I’ll showcase too.  But enough about the past, let’s talk future.

The future of this blog will have images, tips, army list, and things I come across with my time in the hobby.  I have 4 armies kind of “on the go” so it will include various projects as I mentioned in the first part.  With the new Orcs and Goblins coming out tomorrow, they’ll be a bit of that.  The Catachan 2nd are always looming in the jungle.  The Sallies are never ending in their growth.  The Phoenix King is always in need of protection.  My god, I have too many armies on the go.  Anyways, here’s some photo’s to keep you picture nuts happy.


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