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Chakak Update

Hello Internet,

Have done some more work on Chakak today.  Got a solid base for the bones, and finished off the stone.  But here’s something I’m gonna try.  I made a short video and did a 360 of the model, maybe it’s better then photos?  Let me know.


Chakak – Eternity Warden

Hello Internet,

Thought I would keep you up to date on what’s been going on.  April has been a crazy month.  A fair bit of painting, lots of gaming and way too much family stuff going on.  But now that is all done, and I can get back into the grind of things and pump some stuff out.  To relax a bit though, I have been painting up a model I’ve had forever!  I’ve had him basecoated blue for over 2 years now, and I finally started to put some touches onto him.  I have done the skin, and started working on the stone of his weapon.

I also got some painting done with a buddy on the Drop Pod and the Predator, though I don’t have a picture.  I’ll get some photos as I start to hit them with highlights and things.

Brass Daemon

Hello Internet,

Well…I successfully managed to pull that out of the hat.  There was some good competition at the Brass Daemon painting event but dis guy right here got the win.  I am excited that I was able to finish the model first of all, cause I thought I was just going to let it sit there like a lot of my other projects I have going.  But I stuck to it, and finished it up and obviously got recognition for it.  I won a prize and am going to be put on a plaque or something…nothing too too special.

Anyways, like I said I started on a light box.  So far it’s been really easy to make.  Just typed it into google and found a way to make it out of a cardboard box and some tissue paper.  So far it looks okay but I dont have the proper lights to go on the sides so I’m still kinda screwed.  Was even looking at some light box kits online through ebay and might just pick one of those up…What do you guys use to photograph your minis?

Vlad Von Carstein: COMPLETE!

Hello Internet,

I fooled you.  Didn’t I?  I know I did.  I almost fooled myself into thinking I could even try to finish him for the weekend.  But you know what….I did it!  I came home today after a great pep talk with the buddies at GW (thanks Dan & Kyle) and literally went to work.  Told the wifey “I gots shit to do, don’t bug me” and look what I can accomplish.  Now I also almost ruined the model too.  I knew the risk in Purity Sealing it, and I did it anyways.  I shook that can for like 30 minutes, tested it on a mini, came out decent and decided to go ahead.  The model ended up looking pretty powdery so I had to do a few touch ups with some washes and things to bring that powderyness down.  Anyways, here you go, for all to enjoy.  I think I’m going to make a light box over the weekend so I can actually start taking some good pictures of my minis cause right now, I struggle to get a decent shot.  Please comment on what you think, I’d love to hear it.


Not good…I procrastinated hard last night after my blog post.  I’m not sure what it was.  Maybe me looking at the photos, or looking at the mini…but I started to paint his skin and just decided I didn’t want to do much more yesterday.  Instead I helped my girlfriend make a wreath for a wedding shower she is hosting, and made myself a lay out of the flowers!  Unfortunately, it didn’t fit my neck so I put it on my dog, much to her displeasure.  Anyways, maybe I’ll get some work done tonight….4 full days left before competition.

Update on Vlad

Here’s an update on Vlad.  Did quite a bit of painting last night, managed to get some solid word done on his armour and his cloak, but am starting to get a little frustrated.  Honestly, I’m not really liking the way it’s all coming together even though he looks pretty decent.  Probably more to a table top quality cause I’m going real fast on his, but hopefully it turns out nice in the long run, and I can at least bring it to enter the competition. Heres some photos.

Vlad Von Carstein

Hello Internet,

I have decided to enter a painting competition at the local GW called the Brass Daemon.  The store literally had a fake golden daemon statue and have painting it bronze instead and are having a competition for it.  Now I haven’t left myself a ton of time to complete this task….only finding out about the competition and deciding to enter with 8 days left.  So now that I’m finally done assembling and primed the model, I have 7 days.  Next Saturday.  Its going to be a monumental task to paint this guy up nicely in that time frame, but I think I can do it.  Here are some photos of the model so far.  I’ll continue posting updates on the painting as it progresses.