InstantMold: First Impressions

Hello Internet,

Like many of you who subscribe to the CoolMiniOrNot newsletter, I was instantly excited about a product they featured called InstantMold.  I watched the video of the dude I dream of never becoming using the stuff and I instantly thought of like 100 ways I could use that product (notice the uses of instant…ahhh I’m lame).  Anyway, I bought some and here are my first impressions of it.

So I set out trying to do what it says it can do, and what the fat man in the video did.  I duplicated some surfaces, attempted to cast and eventually actually made a decent mold of a backpack I was thinking of using for a Salamander Sternguard.  Now like they say, why buy 10 boxes of something to get the bits when you can mold it!  Hurray.  So I did that, and I thought the mold turned out great

AND IT DID!  Well it somewhat did.  Certain parts of the mold didn’t completely shape but that could be a lack of InstantMold to begin with, or a lack of Green Stuff for the piece, I’m not sure yet.  I think I am going to try to get some Miliput or whatever it is called (modeling putty) and try that instead and see how that goes.  Other then that, the backpack turned out pretty cool.  Now I just need to learn how to do this with some shoulder pads so I can duplicate them!

I’ll keep you updated as I continue to find new uses for the product and how it all goes.


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