Vlad Von Carstein: COMPLETE!

Hello Internet,

I fooled you.  Didn’t I?  I know I did.  I almost fooled myself into thinking I could even try to finish him for the weekend.  But you know what….I did it!  I came home today after a great pep talk with the buddies at GW (thanks Dan & Kyle) and literally went to work.  Told the wifey “I gots shit to do, don’t bug me” and look what I can accomplish.  Now I also almost ruined the model too.  I knew the risk in Purity Sealing it, and I did it anyways.  I shook that can for like 30 minutes, tested it on a mini, came out decent and decided to go ahead.  The model ended up looking pretty powdery so I had to do a few touch ups with some washes and things to bring that powderyness down.  Anyways, here you go, for all to enjoy.  I think I’m going to make a light box over the weekend so I can actually start taking some good pictures of my minis cause right now, I struggle to get a decent shot.  Please comment on what you think, I’d love to hear it.

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