WIP Salamanders 1st Company – Firedrakes

Hello Internet,

I have begun my project of creating my Sternguard.  I have decided to go with the all plastic route, and am trying to do a fair bit to make them stand out.  First off, I have cut away at some Dark Elf Corsair cloaks and have made them fit onto the backs of the marines. I’m planning on gluing the backpack to the cloak so to avoid a dramatic bulge on their backs, I shaved away the backing so that it is pretty much flat.  These guys are also the first of my marines ever, that I actually glued grenades, combat weapons, satchels and other things to.  So it really gives them a good feel.  Also, most of them have Mark VIII “Errant” armour because of Salamanders fluff.  All Salamanders are master artisans when it comes to crafting their our armour, weapons, etc. so I thought predominately, they would all have Mark VIII.  While some of them still have Mark VII, I cut some plasticard to give them that raised collar look, and I think it came out pretty cool.  Still to work on, I need to make 6 Combi-Meltas and 4 Combi-Flamers.  I think I am going to buy a Character conversion kit from Forge World then cast the combi-flamer from there…however, for the combi-meltas, I am currently casting the barrels so that I don’t need to waste normal meltaguns in the process.  I’ll be doing more work on them tonight, and this week in preparation for the Tournament of Champs, which I will discuss on here later.  Heres some photos.

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