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Gorbad Ironclaw

Hello Internet,

Today I have a few pictures of my completed Gorbad Ironclaw.  This model was painted over a year ago, but have finally gotten a good set of photographs to put up.  I’ve posted them to CoolMiniOrNot (click link), so please check them out there and rate him!  But because you people are so good, here’s some photos!

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Hiatus but Back

Hello Internet,

I have been an on hiatus the last two months, from warhammer, from painting, from life almost.  It has been a really crazy summer so far, with a little bit of running around all over Canada, and a bit in the States too.  But that is all over now, and I’m back to doing what it is I do.  That means, stay tuned for updates on current commissions (I have a few on the go at the moment, I’ll post some WIP photos soon), painting, army list, battle reports…and whatever else I talk about.  Also, I have completed some of those models I was just working on for shits, and am going to be selling them locally first, then put them up onto eBay.  So if you fancy yourself a well painting mini, stay tuned even more for those updates.