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Salamanders 2000pts Tournament

Hello Internet,

I have just started running the third official Tournament of Champs in my local area.  This is something I came up with while I was working at GW and was trying to get more people into the stores for vets night.  And might I say, it has definitely been a hit, so much so that I continue to run the event even though I no longer work there, and havn’t for over a year.  The tournament is scheduled for only on 40K vets nights, and is a sweet 16 style tournament with single elimination.  Now normally this style of tournament requires a ranking system, but we have instead done random draws for games.  The winner of the tournament in crowned Champ and is given the 40K Belt (much like a UFC/WWE belt but all 40k’d up).  It’s really cool and I plan on getting some photos up on here real soon.  So I thought I would share my 2000pts list for the tourny here, and see what you all think.

Vulkan He’stan
Librarian – Null Zone, Force Dome
Tactical Squad – Powerfist, Flamer, Multimelta, Rhino
Tactical Squad – Powersword, Combi-Melta, Flamer, Multimelta
Tactical Squad – Powerfist, Combi-Melta, Meltagun, Rocket Launcher, Razorback with TL Plasma/Lascannon
Assault Terminators – Hammers and Shields, Land Raider Redeemer with Extra Armour, Multimelta
Sternguard Squad – 6 Combi-Meltas, 4 Combi-Flamers, Drop Pod
Predator – heavy bolter sponsons

I played my first game on Thursday for the tourny and did really well.  As I mentionned in the last post about the sternguard, this is the first time I’ve used them really and I really enjoyed the way they worked out.  Vulkan ran with them in the drop pod, and slaughtered a tactical squad that decided to drop close by.  They ended up getting charged by Dante and a couple Sanguine Guard, and they held their own and kicked the crap outta Dante, even with nerfed Vulkan.  Was a great game for me, sour game for him.  Finished 8-3 in kill points.  Let me know what you think of the list.


WIP Salamanders 1st Company – Firedrakes

Hello Internet,

I have begun my project of creating my Sternguard.  I have decided to go with the all plastic route, and am trying to do a fair bit to make them stand out.  First off, I have cut away at some Dark Elf Corsair cloaks and have made them fit onto the backs of the marines. I’m planning on gluing the backpack to the cloak so to avoid a dramatic bulge on their backs, I shaved away the backing so that it is pretty much flat.  These guys are also the first of my marines ever, that I actually glued grenades, combat weapons, satchels and other things to.  So it really gives them a good feel.  Also, most of them have Mark VIII “Errant” armour because of Salamanders fluff.  All Salamanders are master artisans when it comes to crafting their our armour, weapons, etc. so I thought predominately, they would all have Mark VIII.  While some of them still have Mark VII, I cut some plasticard to give them that raised collar look, and I think it came out pretty cool.  Still to work on, I need to make 6 Combi-Meltas and 4 Combi-Flamers.  I think I am going to buy a Character conversion kit from Forge World then cast the combi-flamer from there…however, for the combi-meltas, I am currently casting the barrels so that I don’t need to waste normal meltaguns in the process.  I’ll be doing more work on them tonight, and this week in preparation for the Tournament of Champs, which I will discuss on here later.  Heres some photos.

Vets Night Battle Report

Hello Internet,

Tonight I have some pictures to show of the game I played tonight and the video is going to be uploaded to the London Gamers Association website either tonight or tomorrow.  I played a local vet Darrell and it was a great game.  While it ended pretty one sided, the amount of damage done to each side doesn’t really tell the tale of the game.  It was well fought, good tactics from both end, just turned out Darrell’s dice didn’t want to help him out today.  Darrell plays a SM Bike army, but I appologize I don’t know the full extent of his list, but once the battle report video comes out, which I will post, he explains it.  Here’s my list, the same one I’ve been using now for over 6 months without any changes and am probably 12-0-1 with it since making it.

Vulkan He’Stan
Librarian – Null Zone, Force Dome
Tactical Squad – Powerfist, Flamer, Multimelta, Rhino
Tactical Squad – Power Weapon, Combi-Melta, Flamer, Multimelta
Tactical Squad – Powerfirst, Combi-Melta, Meltagun, Rocket Launcher, Razorback w/ twin-linked plasmagun&lascannon
Dreadnought – Multimelta, Storm Bolter, Drop Pod
Assault Terminators – Thunder Hammers, Storm Shields, Land Raider Redeemer w/ Multimelta, Extra Armour
Vindicator – Extra Armour, Siege Shield
Predator – Heavy Bolters

So we rolled Capture and Control, Pitched Battle and I won for deployement.  This is my deployment, concentration in the middle my objective in between two units and a predator to my right.  His objective is hiding behind the big building in the middle.  He chose to not deploy anything and come in from reserves.  Luckily for me, he was not using Karsarro Khan (which I had actually thought he was doing knowing there was an all bike army, hence the deployement in the middle) and his stuff came on piece meal.  Probably one of the biggest mistakes if I was to say so was him combat squading every unit, making them easier to whither down/panic.  Heres the rest of the photos I took and we’ll wait for the video to get posted.

*None of his units are on in the first photo photo are on the board, and only some are on in the 2nd*


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