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WIP Salamanders 1st Company – Firedrakes

Hello Internet,

I have begun my project of creating my Sternguard.  I have decided to go with the all plastic route, and am trying to do a fair bit to make them stand out.  First off, I have cut away at some Dark Elf Corsair cloaks and have made them fit onto the backs of the marines. I’m planning on gluing the backpack to the cloak so to avoid a dramatic bulge on their backs, I shaved away the backing so that it is pretty much flat.  These guys are also the first of my marines ever, that I actually glued grenades, combat weapons, satchels and other things to.  So it really gives them a good feel.  Also, most of them have Mark VIII “Errant” armour because of Salamanders fluff.  All Salamanders are master artisans when it comes to crafting their our armour, weapons, etc. so I thought predominately, they would all have Mark VIII.  While some of them still have Mark VII, I cut some plasticard to give them that raised collar look, and I think it came out pretty cool.  Still to work on, I need to make 6 Combi-Meltas and 4 Combi-Flamers.  I think I am going to buy a Character conversion kit from Forge World then cast the combi-flamer from there…however, for the combi-meltas, I am currently casting the barrels so that I don’t need to waste normal meltaguns in the process.  I’ll be doing more work on them tonight, and this week in preparation for the Tournament of Champs, which I will discuss on here later.  Heres some photos.


Chakak – Eternity Warden

Hello Internet,

Thought I would keep you up to date on what’s been going on.  April has been a crazy month.  A fair bit of painting, lots of gaming and way too much family stuff going on.  But now that is all done, and I can get back into the grind of things and pump some stuff out.  To relax a bit though, I have been painting up a model I’ve had forever!  I’ve had him basecoated blue for over 2 years now, and I finally started to put some touches onto him.  I have done the skin, and started working on the stone of his weapon.

I also got some painting done with a buddy on the Drop Pod and the Predator, though I don’t have a picture.  I’ll get some photos as I start to hit them with highlights and things.

Update on Vlad

Here’s an update on Vlad.  Did quite a bit of painting last night, managed to get some solid word done on his armour and his cloak, but am starting to get a little frustrated.  Honestly, I’m not really liking the way it’s all coming together even though he looks pretty decent.  Probably more to a table top quality cause I’m going real fast on his, but hopefully it turns out nice in the long run, and I can at least bring it to enter the competition. Heres some photos.

Vlad Von Carstein

Hello Internet,

I have decided to enter a painting competition at the local GW called the Brass Daemon.  The store literally had a fake golden daemon statue and have painting it bronze instead and are having a competition for it.  Now I haven’t left myself a ton of time to complete this task….only finding out about the competition and deciding to enter with 8 days left.  So now that I’m finally done assembling and primed the model, I have 7 days.  Next Saturday.  Its going to be a monumental task to paint this guy up nicely in that time frame, but I think I can do it.  Here are some photos of the model so far.  I’ll continue posting updates on the painting as it progresses.